Questions to ask before choosing a permanent makeup artist:

1. Are you licensed?

All persons who tattoo the human body must be licensed in Florida as a tattoo artist. This includes persons who practice cosmetic tattooing, which is also known as permanent makeup and micropigmentation, and students or apprentices who tattoo human beings as part of their tattoo training.

Effective January 1, 2013, any unlicensed person engaged in tattooing will be subject to administrative penalties.

Rhonda’s facility is fully licensed by the State of Florida and Palm Beach County Health Department.

2. Are you certified?

Yes, triple certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and triple certified in Micro Needling.

3. How much experience do you have performing permanent makeup procedures?

Isn’t it about getting the best possible result?  The whole point of permanent makeup is to look your very best.  Rhonda has helped thousands of people look more fabulous since 1997 and is preferred by top professionals in the permanent makeup industry.

4. Do you have an extensive gallery of before and after photos?

Rhonda has performed over 10,000 permanent makeup procedures.  Full gallery photos available at consultation.

5. Will it hurt?

Rhonda’s extensive pain control trainingcoupled with a spa-like atmosphere, is the perfect combination to make your experience as pain-free as possible.

6. Do you open a new needle for each procedure?

 Yes, for every procedure. There are many unlicensed, uninsured people performing permanent makeup. This is not only unsafe, but also illegal. Rhonda is board certified, licensed and insured. Rhonda and her facility are licensed by Palm Beach County Health Department, with a Biohazard Waste Permit. All needles are disposable, 1 time use needles.

7.  Is it safe to have an MRI after having permanent makeup applied?

Yes.  Our pigments are MRI safe and made with the highest quality ingredients and the highest grade of kosher glycerin.