Rhonda is an an award winning artist with extensive training in each of these procedures. 
Specializing in menopausal skin, anti-aging and advanced permanent cosmetics


 Eyeliner:    Is eyeliner important to your appearance and feeling of self confidence?  Does your eyeliner smudge? Does it wear off during the day?  Do you have trouble getting it straight or even?  Are you allergic to cosmetic products or your allergies causing you to re-apply several times a day? Maybe your job requires that you go make-up free.  If so, Permanent Eyeliner may be perfect for you!

Hair Stroke Eyebrows:   Are you eyebrow challenged? Are your eyebrows sparse due to over tweezing or a medical condition? Do you have little or no eyebrow hair? Do you find it difficult to put them on without your glasses, but your glasses are in the way? Does the drawn on design come out crooked or uneven? Do your penciled brows wear off during the day? For these reasons and many, many more, women all over are finding permanent cosmetic eyebrows are perfect for them.  Pick your own custom color to get the perfect look for you!

Lip Liner & Tinting:   Are you tired of refreshing your lip liner and/or lipstick several times during the day?  Does lipstick make your lips dry or chapped?  Would you like a professional opinion regarding the appearance of your lips and what can be accomplished with permanent cosmetics toward a more symmetric and fuller appearance?  Is your inventory of $20 lipsticks getting financially out of hand?  Do you wish you had some of the natural coloring you had when you were younger?  If so, Permanent Cosmetic Lip Liner is for you!

Micro Needling:   The right depth:   The right needle length is very important for the optimal effect of Meta Therapy.  Meta Therapy perforates the basal cell layer into the upper layer of the dermis, which when activated, enhances the production of collagen and elastin without risk on the development of subcutaneous scar tissue.  Therefore Meta Therapy is much more effective, safer and there are no short or term unwanted effects with repeated applications.  More information  

Advanced Skin Care Facials:   This ultimate experience is completely customized to your specific skin type, needs, and concerns.  Enjoy the amazing facial massage as you escape the outside world and begin to heal. Notice the plumping, toning, firming, and tightening feeling throughout your facial and actually see the glow in your skin right away!

Anti Aging Peels:   Chemical peels are very effective anti aging skin treatments. Peels can significantly help improve the color, freshness, texture and skin tone. Chemical peels are used to improve superficial discoloration such as age spots and smooth wrinkles; a peel is one of the best wrinkle solutions for aging skin.

Lip and Eyebrow Waxing:  Lip and Eyebrow Waxing:  Lycon is the professional’s choice in quaLycon logolity wax and an essential ingredient in many of the most prestigious spas, salons and waxing boutiques worldwide.  Pain-free aromatherapy waxing.

Wrinkle Reduction Needling:   The technique reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It also reduces shallow depressed scars such as Chicken Pox or Acne scars. Facial needling is a natural skin rejuvenation method that fills and softens wrinkles and scars. It does not use chemicals, fillers, injections, or lasers. The process creates hundreds of microscopic “pin pricks” to activate your body’s wound healing process. As your skin heals, it uses your own collagen to fill the “valleys” of wrinkles and scars naturally.

Brown Spot Removal:   Pigmentary changes of the skin, such as blotchiness or brown spots, may occur with age or as a result of birth control pills, pregnancy or genetic factors. Prior acne may have made the surface of your skin uneven. These problems, as well as certain other skin conditions, may be improved by skin resurfacing.